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We Simply Believe, in Living Simply

    Wouldn't it be nice to have a simpler lifestyle? Here at Simply Baskets Home & Gift we believe that's how we should all live. When I opened my business in 2006, it was to feed my soul, to give me a creative outlet, to surround myself with beautiful  home decor, to design gift baskets for people whose lives were so busy they needed someone to help ease the way for them. I enjoy my days, spending time with my grandchildren and helping my customers find the perfect items for themselves and the very important people in their lives.

 Simply Baskets Home & Gift is more than a gift shop, it's an experience. I worked out of my studio at home for 4 years, and grew to where we had a new store location that opened Febuary 2010 in the heart of Vernon's heritage shopping district. 

With amazing response and customer loyalty within 2 years we needed even more space so on July 1 2012 we moved to the center of Downtown Vernon at 3118 30 ave. which had been the home of Harris Flower Shop for more than 40 years, we bought the flower shop moved the gift store in and are now Vernon's only Country Home Gift and Flower Shop! 

 Christmas brings a special touch to our shop, because I love Christmas and all that goes with it we have everything from home decor to stocking stuffers and wonderful gifts. Enjoy a magical evening or afternoon  with us, as you are surrounded by the flavors, sounds and scents of Christmas.





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